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Packaged Explosives

Packaged Explosives include traditional dynamite, packaged ANFO, emulsion and watergel explosives. Dyno Nobel North America offers a wide variety of 1.1 (detonator sensitive) and 1.5 (booster sensitive) packaged explosives to fit every blasting requirement and geologic need.

Packaged explosives are often referred to as small diameter (20-100 mm diameter x 200-400mm length) or large diameter (100-200 mm diameter x 500-1000 mm length).


Newfoundland Hard-Rok Inc. ANFO products are locally produced at our Corner Brook operation.

Where boreholes are dry and the geology is suitable, ammonium nitrate prills and fuel oil (ANFO) is the most commonly used explosive. For bulk loading, the prills and fuel oil are transported in separate compartments on the ANFO truck. At the blast site, these non-explosive ingredients are mixed to become a booster sensitive explosive.



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Non Cap Sensitive Emulsions

Non Cap Sensitive Emulsions and Watergels are lower cost blasting agents that require a source of detonation stronger than a standard blasting cap. They are excellent for "building out of water" in wet holes so that ANFO can be used.



Blast Gel

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Cap Sensitive Emulsions

Cap Sensitive Emulsions are an economical choice for a wide range of blasting applications. These emulsions allow for excellent borehole coupling and very high loading densities when the packages are slit.


Dyno Ap

Dyno TX

Dynosplit EX

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For over 100 years dynamite has proven itself in the worlds toughest blasting conditions. There are no other packaged explosives available that can deliver as much energy as dynamite.



Dynomax Pro

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